Sightseeing places



Berzaune Evangelic Lutheran Church
Built  in 14. century. Probably oldest gothic part built in one time with Berzaune  mediaeval castle in 1340. Destroyed in 1942. Reconstruction take place from 2001.


Gaiziņkalns tour trail
Trail is approximately 2 kilometers long and it leads along a gravel trail with stairs in steeper places. This trail will lead you up the highest hill of Latvia – Gaiziņkalns (311,6 m above sea level), cross its peak in all its length (~ 1 km) and you will be able to view the picturesque panorama that greets from its four descents: “Dāmu paradīze” (Ladies’ paradise), “Rietumu nogāze” (West descent), “Mazā golgāta ” (Small golgate), and “Golgāta” (Golgate).
The name Gaiziņš has evolved from the word Gaiszinis since the hill is still considered to be a reliable weather predictor. If it is wrapped in fog or foggy mist is rising from it, then no later than within three days rain is to be expected. Already since 1957 this is a protected nature territory where agro activity was terminated, whereas in 1969 Gaiziņkalns country park was established with the area of 53 ha. Looking over the descent of “Dāmu paradīze” (Ladies’ paradise) you will see Blāžu hill behind which the hillocks of Bolēnu and Tomēnu rise. Those who are lucky on the left side of the descent may see the distant hillocks of Madona or even City towers of the Cesvaine castle.

Please take caution that the tower on the top of Gaiziņkalns is dangerous – presently it is in an emergency condition!


“Viešūra lake Velnakmeņu (Devil’s stones) nature trail”

is 3 kilometers long, it leads along the neighboring meadows of Viešūra lake, descent glens and boreal deciduous woods. Separate sections of the trail are fitted with footbridges, informative tablets are placed by nature objects. This trail will help you become acquainted with the neighborhood’s biological variety and it will lead you to Kaķīša or Viešūra lake enwound with many legends.


“Lake-wood trail”, “Heart-love trail”, “Falcon roaming trails”,

tel. +371 29178245.

All three nature trails begin at holiday house “Piekūni”. Following the ~2 kilometers long “Lake-wood trail” you will meet the works and devilries of a beaver household, see the Talejas lake which is one of the highest located lakes in Latvia (235,7 m above sea level). The ~ 1,5 kilometers long “Heart-love trail” will lead you to Heart love stone, climb the second highest hill of Latvia – Sirdskalns (Heart hill) (296,8 m above sea level) and, if you believe legends, you will be able to solve your heart matters in this place.

“Falcon roaming trails” offer you to experience the energy of Gaiziņkalns neighborhood, become acquainted with its diversified flora and fauna and compare various types of forestry.

It is recommended to have an environmental guide accompanying you down these trails. The hikes may be combined with collection of herbaria and herbal tea components as well as enjoying a bath rite in “Piekūnu” bath-house. Tel. +371 29178245, +371 29416180

Bolēni eyes’ springs
Also known as Eyes’ spring, Laima and Health spring. It is believed that the water from this spring has eye-healing properties. The spring is located in an 8 meters deep ash-tree glen. The water temperature in this spring remains at +7 degrees by Celsius throughout the year. Down its flow-out a groove for water-taking purposes has been placed in its runway.


Farm “Sveki” Address: “Sveķi”, Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads, LV – 4853
Phone: +371 28353321
Working hours: after the application!


* tour of rabbit garden
* viewing a collection of rabbit (29 varieties),
* garden birds (geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens),
* goats, boarding house,
* product tasting and purchase (after application),
* purchase of rabbits.

Goat farm “Livi”
Address : Ozolkrogs, Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads, LV – 4853
Phone: +371 29187164, +371 29180251


Working hours: after the application!
The largest herd of goats in Latvia, production of feta cheese, possibility to taste it.

* goat farms surveyed,
* cheese factory inspection,
* watching goats,
* cheese “Labrīt” (“Good morning”) tasting and purchase.