Entertainment and relaxation


Gaizinkalns: Golgate, Small Golgate
Address:Gaiziņkalns, Bērzaunes pagasts, Madonas novads, LV – 4853
Phone:371 64828176, 29216473

Length of the ski slope: 400m
Offer: instructor,lighting, Length of the ski- slope: 230; 300, number of routs: 3 (2 downhill, 1 sleigh route), number of lifts: 2 (anchor-type)



Lido kalns
Adress; Kalnadzīšļi, vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV 4853
Phone:+371 26339869, 29409853
Web: www.lidolauki.lv; e-mail : lido.kalns@inbox.lv
Length of the ski slope: 500m


Horse riding
Stikliņi”, tel. +371 26534658.
Offer: number of horses 6, training, riding, riding through the area, prepared routes, horseback riding, ride in horse driven sledge,riding in carriages, horse-and-buggy or in a team.


Kala lake – restig-place “Kalezers”

Boat rent and catamaran rent, licensed fishing,
Offer: catamaran, basketball, football, volleyball, lodgings, kitchen, rooms for festivities (capacity 30), steam bath, trailer parking available, place for tents, swimming, fishing.

Address: “Kālezers”, Vestienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV-4853
Phone: +371 26521292

Web: www.kalezers.lv, e-mail: edgarslacis@navigator.lv

“LIDO tourism and recreation complex”, Viesura lake – fishing centre – “Lido”
Boat rent, licensed fishing, bicycle rent: Phone: 371 26339869, 29409853
Web: www.lido.lv

Offer: picnic sites, sports grounds (volleyball, football), lodgings, café, catering (to be booked), rooms for seminars (capacity 100), rooms for festivities (capacity 100), internet access, TV, steam bath, place for tents, picnick area, swimming, fishing, skiing, cross-country skiing, skiing equipment rental, sports ground, nature trail, billjard.

Excursion in “LIDO tourism and recreation complex”, tel. +371 27841446

The central object of this recreation centre is the building of “Ķirsona muiža” (Ķirson’s manor) which reminds of a fairy tale castle (architect H.Dzirkalis). Each room of the manor is a work of art where the hands of a tasteful sculptor and the paintbrush of a sophisticated artist have left an unforgettable touch. The hotel is decorated with sculptural elements of interior and wall paintings in pastel colors. Wooden constructions are done in Latvian wood-carving patterns but the broad window panes are decorated with romantic stain-glass.